Teamwork Big Five Questionnaire for Hybrid/Remote Teams

Breakthrough in bridging the gap between academic research and team development practice by introducing the first business application based on the Teamwork Big Five model, extended to address the unique issues of hybrid and remote teams. Presenting TBFQHR, the Teamwork Big Five Questionnaire for Hybrid/Remote Teams. We call teams “remote”, “hybrid” or “virtual” if the members cannot always meet face-to-face, and digital interactive technologies play an important role in their communication (for example a partly or fully remote workforce of a department, a sales or customer service team, a project or engineering team, etc). TBFQHR is suitable for all degrees of remote work setup (fully remote, office-first, or remote-first hybrid models).

Improve team productivity by facilitating the right conversations and guiding teams to take the most effective steps to improve teamwork.

High-performing teams have sustained high performance, can adapt to change, innovate, and continuously improve. Research shows that high-performing teams are rare to begin with, and hybrid/remote work brings additional challenges to the team development process. There is great potential to improve teamwork in most organizations.

To improve team performance, organizations need leaders to know how to build great teamwork and have the right conversations in teams to overcome obstacles and move forward. TBFQHR helps organizations achieve this by introducing an excellent team performance model and providing team diagnostics and team development resources.

TBFQHR accelerates team development by highlighting strengths and identifying opportunities for improvement. It also informs managers and team members about the drivers of team effectiveness by distilling key messages from decades of scientific research into a concise format. It provides all the knowledge that team leaders and team members need to make teamwork work.


  • Scientific: It is based on the most well-established academic model of team effectiveness, the Teamwork Big Five, pioneered by Professor Eduardo Salas. It is the first and only questionnaire based on this model designed for business applications.
  • Validated: The questionnaire has been developed and validated according to academic standards.
  • Accurate: The results will provide a true reflection of key strengths and weaknesses.
  • Insightful: Provides actionable insights and facilitates change by providing clear direction to further improve the team.
  • Comprehensive: It comes with development resources and includes everything team leaders and members need to build great teams, whether a small startup team in a garage or hundreds of teams in a large organization. It also supports custom questions and benchmarking.

The TBFQHR is administered anonymously and the team receives a summary report of the aggregated responses. Responses are anonymized, there is no analysis or reporting on individuals. The organization can create a dashboard to track improvement in team effectiveness organization-wide.

The model consists of 60 indicators grouped into 10 themes. The model is a mixed model: it includes behaviors, attitudes, and conditions. The model is intended to be relatively general and compatible with teams in most organizations. The report is best analyzed and interpreted at the item level. The themes may also provide some indication of general strengths and weaknesses, but it is at the item level where users will find the precise results and gain actionable insights. The chart below shows the 10 themes of the model:

You can download the Teamwork Big Five Report for Hybrid/Remote Teams Sample Report, read the paper on the development and validation on Researchgate, or please Contact Us for more information if you are interested in using it in your work.

Product Summary: Teamwork Big Five Questionnaire for Hybrid/Remote Teams
Teamwork Big Five for Hybrid/Remote Teams Report
Product description: A comprehensive team diagnostic survey combining all well-known team effectiveness models. Advanced, user-friendly reports pinpoint the exact improvement needs.
Category: Team Effectiveness Survey
Users: Trainers, Consultants, HR, and OD professionals
Publisher: OD-Tools®
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