This product has been retired to make way for its successor, the Teamwork Big Five, which is based on a uniquely robust scientific foundation.

Team-SWOT is focused on the "universal" behaviors and group dynamics of teams that mark team development and team maturity, and it was developed to work in a wide range of teams: project teams, departments, management teams, or executive teams. Team-SWOT provides a systematic evaluation of the success factors of high-performance teams through:

  • Identifying the areas of strengths and weaknesses (problems the team may be experiencing).
  • Showing the team the best opportunities for continued growth towards becoming a high-performance team.
  • Improving communication, transparency, and a feedback culture in the team.

Product Summary: Team-SWOT™ Team Effectiveness Survey
Team-SWOT™ Report
Product description: Team diagnostic survey combining three team development models. Advanced, user-friendly reports pinpoint the exact improvement needs.
Category: Team Effectiveness Survey
Users: Trainers, Consultants, HR, and OD professionals
Publisher: OD-Tools®
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Product details

Team-SWOT™ helps to better understand the strengths and weaknesses of teams and provides a team development road-map. Team-SWOT™ also can help with measuring and tracking team development over time. It is an anonymous survey that takes just five minutes per team member to complete. It is mobile friendly: it can be used on all popular devices.

Reports are insightful and easy to understand:

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Teams don't excel by accident

The collective brainpower of teams far exceeds the ability of individuals; therefore one can understand the proliferation of management teams, functional teams, and task forces in most organizations. However, all teams do not function equally well, and it is quite normal for teams to struggle with issues at times. Team-SWOT™ shows the way to move forward and accelerates team development by promoting behaviors that create high-performing teams.

An effective team development tool

The Team-SWOT model builds on the classic models such as the Team Development Stages, Five Dysfunctions of Teams, and the Team Roles, and includes a thorough literature review on high-performance teams. The result is a comprehensive questionnaire that can be applied to all sorts of teams, from management teams to the fields of science and sports. Well-designed and effective, the questionnaire is concise and efficient, consisting of only 36 items. Participants can complete it in five minutes!

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Are you looking for a survey specifically for a team which has a Team Leader (manager, project manager)? You may be interested in Remote Team Development Survey: RTDS—an advanced team diagnostics tool for "traditional teams" (departments, call centers, customer service teams, etc.).