Skill-Map™ Competency Assessment

Skill-Map™ is an innovative competency management software solution to define, assess, manage, and report competencies. Welcome to watch a brief intro:

With Skill-Map™ you can:

  • Use/customize the built-in Competency Library, or create your own competency database;
  • Generate competency assessments automatically;
  • Support Behavioral Event Interviews and recruitment decisions;
  • Support performance management discussions;
  • Support coaching/mentoring discussions;
  • Support training needs analysis;
  • Measure and accelerate the skill development of employees;
  • Create a Team Skill-Matrix to gain overview of the skill levels on the group (team, unit) level.

Skill Mapping or Competency Mapping is the process of defining the competencies (skills, knowledge, attitude, behavior) needed to do a job successfully. It may also include definitions of competencies that needed to foster the right company culture and needed to be successful in the organization in general (these are usually called core competencies). If implemented correctly, skill maps can show where people currently are in their development journeys and what would bring them further, thus accelerating employees' learning and career development. Skill maps can also show the skills that exist in the organization, and the skills that are lacking, to help managers making the right organizational efforts to improve competencies. A well-defined competency architecture is the base of Competency Centered Human Resource Management, and Skill-Map can support all aspects of people management with data and insights:

Currently only few organizations fully realize the potential of competency management. Most organizations face two major challenges:

  1. Competencies are difficult to define, competency modelling requires specialized knowledge;
  2. Competencies are difficult to assess.

OD-Tools Skill-Map™ is addressing these challenges by an innovative method of competency definition, capturing the milestones of the work experience and the skill development journey. Clients don’t need expert consultants to write competency definitions anymore; anyone who understands the job thoroughly can create Skill-Maps. Skill-Maps are more concise, more visual, and easier to use than most competency models currently used by organizations. The OD-Tools system turns Skill-Maps into assessment tools automatically, addressing effectively the major bottleneck of implementing competency models. Skill-Map can provide organizations with accurate competency data both in recruitment and internal evaluation settings.

Skill-Map™ can be used as an individual assessment tool, and it also can be used for team skill mapping: it can generate the Skill Matrix, which is a group report that enables an overview of the skill levels in the team. It is a visual one-pager that shows the competency level information for the entire team or unit.

You can watch a detailed introductory video: