Sales-Map™ Assessment

Sales-Map™ is an online Situational Judgment Test, measuring sales proficiency in four stages of the Business-to-Business sales process: Prospecting and Preparation, Meeting, Follow Through, and Negotiations. It is suitable for B2B salespeople from all industries and seniority levels.

With Sales-Map™ you can:

  • Assess candidates for recruitment;
  • Assess current employees for training needs evaluation;
  • Identify the strengths and improvement opportunities for individuals and teams;
  • Support coaching/mentoring discussions.

How does it work?

The sales scenarios included in the test are generic and salespeople should be able to relate to them regardless of the products or services they sell. The scenarios form coherent, realistic stories and induce a great deal of self-reflection.

Sales-Map™ assesses the similarity of candidates' responses to the responses of an expert group. The expert group consists of top salespeople from the computer hardware, software, industrial parts, equipment, pharmaceuticals, health care, financial services, telecommunications, and hospitality industries. The expert group also has a diverse geographic (Asia, North America, and Europe) and sales methodology training (Huthwaite, Miller Heiman, Wilson Learning, etc.) background. The closer the answers are to those of the expert group, the higher are the scores.

There are 33 sales scenarios and 166 items in this SJT. The items have different difficulty levels. While some answers are obvious, many answers need years of experience and training on the job to get them right. Some answers don’t have a single best answer at all; these items are not counted in the scores. These items make the story more complete, and make the test more difficult.

Reports are insightful and easy to understand:

You can download the Sales-Map™ Test Brochure, or please Contact Us for a sample report if you are interested in using it in your work.

Product Summary: Sales-Map™ B2B Sales Test
Sales-Map™ Report
Product description: Situational Judgment Test for measuring B2B sales proficiency. It gives a total score and subscores for the 4 stages of B2B sales.
Category: Situational Judgment Test
Users: Recruiters, Headhunters, Trainers, Coaches, HR, and OD professionals
Publisher: OD-Tools®
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