Remote Team Development Survey

A team is called remote or virtual if the members cannot always meet face-to-face, and they communicate primarily via remote interactive technologies. The Remote Team Development Survey (RTDS) focuses on the unique challenges of managing such teams (sometimes referred to as virtual workgroups, task force, department, or remote workforce).

RTDS is for teams that have a "Team Leader" (manager, project manager) role. RTDS gives clients an opportunity to evaluate the key success factors of remote team performance in their team or organization, identifying the areas of strengths and weaknesses in the team’s and the Team Leader’s behavior and highlighting the improvement opportunities. RTDS can help clients in:

  • Promoting the behaviors of highly effective teams and aligning people for team development;
  • Evaluating the effectiveness of the Team Leader and the Teamwork;
  • Helping to identify the areas of Strengths and Improvement Opportunities;
  • Tracking progress by repeating the survey and using benchmarking function.

Product Summary: Remote Team Development Survey
Remote Team Development Survey Report
Product description: Team diagnostic survey for remote and virtual teams. A team and leadership development tool with user friendly reports to pinpoint improvement opportunities.
Category: Team Effectiveness Survey
Users: Trainers, Consultants, HR and OD professionals
Publisher: OD-Tools®
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Product details

The Remote Team Development Survey is an anonymous survey that takes just five to ten minutes per team member to complete. It consists of 45 standard questions and supports adding customized questions to address organization-specific topics.

Remote Teams can be fully or partially virtual. Some teams may never meet physically, while other teams are mixed: certain team members work from home, while others go to a central office; or everyone works from home most of the time, but the team meets face-to-face regularly. Teams also differ in the degree of complexity and interdependence, and in the degree of empowerment. RTDS supports custom questions to address these differences and ensure that the right questions are asked.

Reports are insightful and easy to understand:


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An effective team and leadership development tool

The Remote Team Development Survey was created by an international consultant team with decades of combined experience in managing and developing teams. The developers conducted a literature review, and they boiled down the more than hundred "effectiveness factors" to 45 questions. Combine it with (virtual) team building or leadership training programs such as "Leading Remote Teams" for ideal results.

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