Professional Competencies 360 Feedback

  • Provides feedback for individual contributors (people without direct reports);
  • Gathers feedback from colleagues in a safe and confidential way;
  • Benefits from the advanced 360 project management and xls import function.

Product Summary: Professional Competencies 360 Feedback
Professional Competencies 360 Feedback Report
Product description: Insightful 360 Assessment for for individual contributors (people without direct reports).
Category: 360 feedback tools
Users: Trainers, Coaches, HR and OD professionals
Publisher: OD-Tools®
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Product details

Assessing behavior and skills in an objective manner is a big challenge. Most 360 instruments focus on the leaders, and vendors developed complex leadership competency models. The complexity meant that managers needed a consultant to help them to understand the report and make sense out of it. The whole process was cumbersome and expensive, therefore 360 assessments are usually reserved to the middle and senior management of companies. OD-Tools changes the status quo by providing a concise 360 which is easy to implement and use.

Our Professional Competencies model consists 7 dimensions with only 28 questionnaire items in total, yet it touches on all key areas of white-collar job success and provides insightful reports. It is easy to complete, saves a lot of time, and motivates your non-managerial staff for learning and growth.

Reports are highly focused, intuitive and easy to understand:


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