Organizational Network Analysis

Meet the first and only Quick & Easy online Social Network Analysis tool for OD practitioners: OrgMapper - POWERFUL ORGANIZATIONAL DIAGNOSTICS BASED ON NETWORK SCIENCE!

OrgMapper is an online Organizational Network Analysis (ONA) software developed to meet the special needs of OD practitioners: OD Managers and Consultants who need precise diagnosis for designing interventions. With OrgMapper you will be able to manage and run complete ONA projects easily and cost efficiently.

In which situations can it be useful?

  • Change Management 
  • Strengthening team cohesion 
  • Organizational efficiency improvement 
  • Knowledge Management 
  • Integrating a new top manager 
  • Talent Management

You can also elegantly accomplish:

  • Analyze the efficiency of internal communication related to sales performance
  • Identify Change Agents who have the biggest impact on the organization (eg. opinion leaders, innovators and professional masters)
  • Map knowledge sharing and information barriers

If you are looking for certified practitioners, please Contact Us  for more information. Are you interested to run ONA projects yourself? Please read on.

What kind of special knowledge is required for using OrgMapper?

Running an ONA project in an organization requires specific knowledge: translating client needs into a questionnaire, engaging the organization, considering ethical & privacy issues, understanding social networks in organizations and giving feedback. Maven7 offers a two-day interactive training where you can learn it from network analysts and OD experts, and you can start to implement ONA projects by yourself.

The OrgMapper Organizational Network Analysis Consultant training isn’t just about the usage of OrgMapper as an online platform, it will also teach you how to successfully manage organizational network analysis projects. After completing the training you will be certified to use OrgMapper and have cutting-edge technology at your fingertips: you will be able to map and show organizations as no one in the company has ever seen them before!

For more information, visit the web site: OrgMapper