OD Community

Welcome to join the community of OD Practitioners, or just to read about OD!

Who can join the comunity?

You can be a line manager, an OD manager, an HR manager, a corporate trainer or a consultant. The key is that you are interested in OD, and you do work around organization and people development. In order to be listed as a Practitioner, you need to be certified for at least one OD-Tools product. Please Contact Us with your enquiry and let's get started!

Who is listed on OD-Tools?

You can find on this web site the certified consulting company users of OD-Tools, who wished to be listed here. Please contact the listed Solution Providers if you need OD services, and the listed Distributors if you want to become a user yourself. Not sure whom to contact? Please Contact Us with your inquiry and we'll forward your message to the person who can best help you.

Promotion opportunity

We are welcome our users to publish their case studies or quality articles on this web site. Articles will be published under their name, with a service description and link at the end of the article. You can just send us your article by email, and we'll take care of the rest.