OD-Tools Numerical Reasoning Test

  • Measures candidate's ability to extract information and to deal with numbers quickly and accurately.
  • Measures skills related to ratios, percentages, and discovering trends, rules, and logic hidden in data.
  • Is useful for all jobs where problem-solving and dealing with numbers are required.

Product Summary: OD-Tools Numerical Reasoning Test
Numerical Reasoning Test Report
Product description: Classic paper/pencil test with computer-aided scoring. It has two versions: basic (20 minutes, low-level jobs) and advanced (30 minutes, managerial or white collar jobs).
Category: Aptitude test
Users: Recruiters, Headhunters, Trainers, Coaches, HR, and OD professionals
Publisher: OD-Tools®
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Product details

This test measures the candidate’s ability to solve problems involving numbers. The test has two versions: NR (Numerical Reasoning) and NRA (NR Advanced) and takes 20 minutes (NR) or 30 minutes (NRA). The administration is paper/pencil in a controlled environment. Scoring and reporting are done by the OD-Tools system. NR consists of two sections and NRA has three sections.

Section 1: Graph interpretation and basic calculations: “Everyday Math”
This section measures basic math capability that is used in everyday commerce, such as understanding price lists, reports, numerical tables and charts, and applying basic operations (addition, subtraction, multiplication, division) to calculate results. Candidates also need to extract information from numerical data presented in tables or graphs. The difficulty level is low in all problems in this section.

Section 2: Problem analysis and equations: “Mathematical Literacy”
This section requires candidates to discover logical relationships presented in problems involving numbers, and then use basic equations to solve those problems. The difficulty level progresses from low to intermediate in this section.

NRA, the advanced version has another section.
Section 3: Numerical pattern recognition and reasoning: “Numerical IQ”
This section measures the ability to perceive relationships, to recognize patterns, to make a hypothesis and then test it against evidence. The difficulty level progresses from low to high in this section. Solving the more difficult problems requires creative thinking as well.

NR is suitable for a wide range of jobs where a basic level of numeric skills is required (e.g. sales, management). NRA is designed for a wide range of Technical, Financial or Managerial positions, leaders, and experts, where the job often requires dealing with numbers and also requires analytic skills. E.g.: R&D Engineers (mechanical, electronic, IT, etc.), Financial or Managerial Analysts, Market Analysts, and Strategic Planners. NR and NRA are not suitable for fresh graduates with math-related majors (this would be too easy for them).

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