Managerial Judgment Test

This test is still under development.

OD-Tools Managerial Judgment Test is a generic SJT (Situational Judgment Test for managers and leaders), as it was developed by gathering critical situations and solution methods in a wide range of industries and company types. Only those situations and items remained that worked with candidates from all industries (manufacturing, telecom, finance). The result is a test that can be used in any company, in any size of organization, and for any level of managers.

The test takes 40 minutes, and it returns a single number as a result about the managerial thinking and judgment ability of the Participant. The judgment capability measured is the so called "practical intelligence of managers", or "street smarts"; it is not correlating with IQ and it cannot be developed by merely reading management books. The test results have been found highly correlating with Assessment Center allover results in selection and development projects conducted in various industries.