Learning & Development Tools

The developers of OD-Tools are senior trainers themselves, and they designed the tools training friendly. You can find suitable tools for most typical use cases: leadership, sales, customer service, communication, team building, conflict management, negotiation, motivation skills, EQ development program. You can select the most relevant tool and report sections depending on your topic. Group reports bring impressive visualization opportunities to create the impact on the group and organization level.

A wide range of options and automation make project management a breeze. Excel participant data import, participant self-registration, automatic report download or report sending just to mention a few.

Of course, the most important feature is the quality of the tools. Quality means efficiency - assessment times are not too long, accuracy - people agree with the results, and impactful - people learn new things and gain new insights from our reports. Completing our questionnaires and reading our reports make people reflect and increase their self-awareness. Participants often remember the learning for many years!

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Leadership Development Tools

Leaders play a distinct role in the life of organizations, and many companies rightly put special emphasis on Leadership Development. You can read more about how OD-Tools support Leadership development efforts: Leadership Development Tools