Tools for Leadership Development

Leadership development is more than transferring knowledge and training some specific management skills. It has to go deeper, below the visible waters, to the hidden part of the iceberg, to the core of the person. Dive deep in the heart and bring back a treasure from the depth of the soul. What can be that treasure? A clear picture of one's self, which begins with a better understanding of own strengths and weaknesses. supports this from various angles: personality, motivation, EQ, feedback and organizational environment. The awareness of strengths can provide new sources of strength and inspiration, and finding ones specific "blockages" - the things that inhibit optimal performance and development - can bring even more energy. Accepting one's non-perfect nature is a key step to authenticity and accepting other people. Working on our weaknesses and improving them is the most important victory one can have.

Therefore, self-discovery and self-mastery are essential parts of a good leadership training, and this is where can help enormously. can be the torch that helps to see what is hidden. Leadership development is like a journey, and everyone has a different roadmap. can provide maps and guide in multiple stages along the journey. The following tools can be the most relevant for team, leadership, and organization development:

Welcome to discover these tools for enriching your leadership training programs and make them more effective. We also highly recommend reading the article: Power Use and Leadership Impact.