Interest-Map™ Questionnaire

  • Identifies occupational preferences based on the RIASEC model.
  • Integrates with the O*NET job database.
  • Guides people to careers that they are more likely to enjoy and more likely to be successful.
  • Enhances self-awareness and understanding of jobs at the same time.

Interest-Map™ from OD-Tools is a questionnaire based on Dr. John Holland’s theory of vocational choice, the best known and most widely researched theory on this topic. The theory originates from observing that people are attracted to and flourish in occupations they fit, and that occupations are classifiable by the "personalities" that flourish in them. People's occupational preferences express underlying character, just as jobs attract, naturally select, and shape specific types of people. The major contribution of Holland was working out a taxonomy for classifying both people and jobs, defining six broad categories for analyzing person-to-career match. The six categories are Realistic, Investigative, Artistic, Social, Enterprising, and Conventional, which yield the RIASEC acronym the model is named after. The RIASEC model is also known as Holland Occupational Themes or Holland Codes.

Interest-Map™ was developed as a faster and more up-to-date interest profiler as compared to other RIASEC instruments on the market. Another advantage is the integration with the OD Tools Job-Fit matching system and the O*NET occupational database for exploring jobs and careers. Developing author: Gabor Nagy. Development period: 2003–2016. The starting point of development was the RIASEC codes data published in the O*NET occupational database.

Reports are insightful and easy to understand:

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Product Summary: Interest-Map™ Questionnaire
Interest-Map™ Report
Product description: Advanced forced-choice occupational interest test based on Holland's RIASEC theory.
Category: Occupational interest test
Users: Recruiters, Headhunters, Trainers, Coaches, HR, and OD professionals
Publisher: OD-Tools®

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