Facilitation Tools

Using suitable facilitation tools can create focus and energy in the group, and can take your next meeting or training into new heights. This is a list of my favorite tools that I personally find most brilliant.

A piece of rope

You can do amazing things with a rope. You can divide the room in two parts by laying it on the floor (or the table), and ask people to take side depending on their opinion regarding an important question. Or you can ask people to use it as a story-line, for illustrating their story, where the rope goes up when things went good, and goes down when they met challenges. The possibilities are limitless!


Another simple must-have tool in the facilitator bag. You can facilitate trust walk with them, or blindfold a person and let others guide him through the rearranged meeting room; or just blindfold everyone in the middle of the meeting, and let them continue with their business discussion; you will find how creative and amazing learning points will emerge.


Balloons are obviously from another planet where life is incredibly exciting. They always bring fun and creativity. You can let people keeping them in the air in pairs; you can facilitate a volleyball game where they can only use their head (combined with the rope as the net), or you can blindfold the active players, and let "managers" guide them. Fun and energy are guaranteed! And did you know that a popping balloon is a sure cure for jet lag?

EQ-Workout Board-Game

It is probably the most suitable board game for corporate training about Emotional Intelligence development. It is useful for team building, all kind of soft skill training or just for having a jolly good time as a team incentive. Read more:

Digital Collaboration Wall - Post-it Solution

There are many digital learning solutions that promise to change life on Earth, but few of them can compete with old school stuff. Finally here is an interesting one. Have you tried to get a can of 3M Repositionable Glue Spray to the meeting room because you couldn't bring yours with you on the airplane? Well, you may not have to stress about it any more. This cool software can replace the chemical magic with digital one. Read more:

JoJoJo In-depth Questions Cards

Are you looking for a novel ice breaker exercise for your upcoming workshop or searching for team building tools? These cards promote interesting conversations and meaningful sharing. Suitable for a wide range of occasions. Check it out here:

The MTa Maxi Experiential Learning Toolkit

This is an incredible source of learning activities. Are you looking for memorable activities to improve Teamwork? Leadership? Awareness/alignment about business priorities? Communication? Performance management? Problem solving? Chances are you will find it there.

OK You and Me

A great communication board game developed by Keke Quei (a facilitator from Taiwan and OD-Tools Solution Provider). In this game, participants answer questions or share things according to instructions written on cards. They pick cards randomly after throwing a dice. Superb ice-breaker or energizer, that you can use with any level of employees.

The Roger Greenaway TTT

This is a must course for both the beginner and the expert facilitator. The way Roger uses simple facilitation tools and techniques is mind-blowing. The course is simple, practical, and inspiring. Participants obtain a diverse set of tools that will keep their workshops fresh and dynamic for years. The facilitation and debriefing techniques taught can be applied in Team Building, Leadership Development, Management Workshops, Soft-Skill Training, Technical Training, and even in formal education.