Employee Selection Tools

Performance =
(IQ+Personality+EQ+Skills+Knowledge) x Motivation x Situational Factors

Profiling We condensed the essence of performance prediction into the formula above. Using our tools, you can identify the common characteristics of high performers in your organization, and can build scientifically validated Ideal Profiles for your typical positions, strengthening the foundation of success. You can create an Ideal Profile with just a few mouse clicks, and you can build a comprehensive library of Ideal Profiles over time by utilizing our platform and the captured performance data. The Ideal Profile can be based on a model provided by a single tool (e.g. the 25 traits from Trait-Map), or you can combine various models: Abstract Reasoning, Personality Traits, EQ, and Motivation.

Administering Assessments You can set up large-scale assessment projects with Excel – just import your data with a few mouse-clicks. Participants can do most assessments at their convenience via the Internet, and most of our assessments can be completed on smartphones.

Analysis and Reporting You can get a list of participants ranked by their Job-Fit Score (how close they come to your Ideal Profile) for efficient candidate sorting, or you can download the detailed profiles for each candidate in pdf format for deeper analysis. We offer an Interview Guide to help you integrate the reports with your interviews. More data points = better decisions!

Instrument Measures Duration Link
Trait-Map® 25 primary Personality Traits and various work related secondary scales 15-20 minutes Details
EQ-SWOT™ 16 EQ Skills 10-15 minutes Details
MQ 15 Employee Needs and Positivity 10-15 minutes Details
Interest-Map™ 6 scales of Vocational Interests (RIASEC) 10-15 minutes Details
Abstract Reasoning The ability of analyzing complex things 30 minutes Details
Numerical Reasoning The ability of working with numbers and data 30 minutes Details
Sales-Map™ B2B sales proficiency 30 - 40 minutes Details