Emotional Intelligence Development

Create EQ development programs from scratch or upgrade your existing learning tools with our modules. Deliver engaging training sessions with lasting impact that training Participants will love.

1. Let your Participants complete EQ-SWOT™ prior to the training, and give them their printed reports on the training. EQ-SWOT™ is the latest generation of online psychometric questionnaires for assessing Emotional Intelligence. It combines the most practical EI skills into an intuitive model, which is compatible with Daniel Goleman’s books and guidelines of the EI Consortium, integrating best concepts and practices.
EQ-SWOT™ consists of 116 Likert-type items and it takes 10 to 15 minutes to complete. Filling in the questionnaire is easy and relatively painless. People will be rewarded with an accurate, insightful report and personalized suggestions based on their results. The report is intuitive and easy to understand.

2. After introducing EI, the EQ-SWOT™ report and conducting some exercises, you may want to provide a memorable, major learning experience. EQ-Workout™ can be the highlight of any soft-skill development program, especially Emotional Intelligence programs. EQ-Workout™ develops the fundamental building blocks of Emotional Intelligence: Self-Awareness and Social Awareness. This knowledge enhances Emotional Literacy, which includes higher awareness and enhanced sensitivity to distinguish between various states, and provides a rich emotional vocabulary to accurately label emotions. It helps in enhancing participants' influencing skills and improving the quality of their relationships and co-operation with others.

You can raise your EI training to the next level by including EQ-SWOT™ and EQ-Workout™ in the program. People will have a great experience and receive high value that make the trainer and the organizers look good. Learn more about Emotional Intelligence Assessment: EQ-SWOT™ and EQ-Workout Board-Game.