EQ-Workout, the soft-skill development game

Welcome to EQ-Workout™, the leading board game for Emotional Intelligence development! This game is developed for team building, soft skill training, or just for having a jolly good time as a team incentive or icebreaker.

Product Summary: EQ-Workout Soft-Skill Training Game
EQ-Workout Board Game
Product description: An engaging group activity kit for team building and communication skills training. Great for practicing empathy and emotional literacy. It is also a great incentive gift for teams at work.
Category: Training games
Users: Trainers, Coaches, HR, and OD professionals
Publisher: OD-Tools®

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The creator, Gabor Nagy, has 15 years of experience in facilitating team building and leadership development workshops. He is a proponent of experiential learning, and he is continuously on the lookout for new games. As he was engaged in the development of a psychometric questionnaire, the Emotional Intelligence Assessment: EQ-SWOT™, he saw a game about emotions that was created for children. A mind filled with numbers, charts, and data suddenly found itself in the colorful world of games! Lightning struck and the seed of the game was planted.

EQ-Workout™ is a fast-moving, engaging game that improves the ability to understand emotions, the ability to listen to others and empathize with them, and the ability to express emotions productively. The game is easy to play and brings people into that special state of being both relaxed and excited, where learning and team bonding happen at an accelerated pace.

EQ-Workout is a playful learning tool, and simultaneously a game with science behind it. It develops the fundamental building blocks of Emotional Intelligence—Self-Awareness and Social Awareness—by enhancing Emotional Literacy, which includes higher awareness and enhanced sensitivity to distinguish between various states, and a rich emotional vocabulary to accurately label emotions. It helps in enhancing participants’ influencing skills and improving the quality of their relationships and cooperation with others. About the game:

  • 3 to 6 people can play with one set.
  • It can be played without a facilitator. Open the box, follow the one page of game rules, and you will be playing smoothly in five minutes.
  • Playing time is flexible, typically 45 to 90 minutes, and allows an extra 15 minutes for discussions.
  • Game sessions can be repeated without players getting bored.
  • Trainers and Facilitators can use the game as a learning activity for practicing a range of soft-skills: empathy, listening, observation, presentation, storytelling, and of course emotional intelligence. One facilitator can manage a large number of playing groups at the same time.
  • A Facilitator Guide helps facilitators to deliver the game smoothly in various contexts and to deliver more valuable learning.

A great learning tool, employee icebreaker, and a fantastic gift for your teams!

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