EQ-SWOT™ Emotional Intelligence Assessment

EQ-SWOT™ is a work-oriented psychometric questionnaire for assessing Emotional Intelligence. It measures 16 EI skills following the "Mixed Model of EI" approach, and it has two robust validity scales. You can see more details in this video:

EQ-SWOT™ can help you in:

  • Identifying Emotional Intelligence strengths and weaknesses for selection and development;
  • Facilitating self-reflection, self-awareness.
  • Making soft-skill training and coaching more targeted and effective.
  • Improving communication, well-being, positive energy, team work and feedback.
  • Improving leadership and guides people towards the "Emotionally Intelligent Workplace."


EQ-SWOT™ is an on-line psychometric questionnaire for assessing Emotional Intelligence. It consists 116 Likert-type items and it takes 10–15 minutes to complete. It is mobile friendly: it can be used on all popular devices. It is a self-descriptive questionnaire, combining criterion-based and normative development approaches and robust validity scales.

Reports are insightful and easy to understand:

You can download the EQ-SWOT Questionnaire Brochure, or please Contact Us for a sample report if you are interested in using it in your work.

An EI questionnaire that is easy to use

EQ-SWOT™ is founded on the most accepted and universal EI model, based on Daniel Goleman's books and models, as well as most other Emotional Intelligence books and training materials.

The efficient questionnaire, the solid psychometric foundation, the streamlined and insightful reports, and the best-in-class OD-Tools platform together provide an unparalleled user experience. Completing EQ-SWOT™ is an interesting and smooth experience, requiring just 10 to 15 minutes. Yet it delivers a strong impact—a highly accurate report with some golden nuggets of wisdom and often even "aha" moments for participants.

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We welcome you to learn more about EQ with Gabor Nagy, Head of Product and Marketing, with this webinar recording:

Product Summary: EQ-SWOT™ Emotional Intelligence Inventory
EQ-SWOT™ Report
Product description: Normative questionnaire secured with two robust distortion scales. It measures 16 EI skills and is compatible with Goleman's four-quadrant Emotional Intelligence Competency Model. The report uses sophisticated algorithms to highlight the key strengths and weaknesses and provides improvement suggestions.
Category: Emotional Intelligence test
Users: Recruiters, Headhunters, Trainers, Coaches, HR, and OD professionals
Publisher: OD-Tools®
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