Cell-Screening Test

Did you know that how you live - eating, sleeping, stress, sport, rest - has a measurable impact on your cells?
And how healthy and energetic you feel, is to a large extent due to the status of your cells?

Cell biology is a rapidly growing field, but the new knowledge about the "building blocks of life" has not become mainstream knowledge... yet. It may change now since a revolutionary new instrument opens a window into the world of our cell well-being in just 30 seconds - welcome to the Cell-Screening Test!

What is Cell-Screening?

Cell-Screening is a non-invasive measurement using light (spectrophotometry and the Lambert-Beer law) to analyze the mineral and toxic metal content of living human cells to determine their health status. The recent technical developments in measurement instruments combined with a cloud-based analytical software make this measurement now feasible for mass adoption.

The evaluation of the measured values is based on widely accepted scientific knowledge from the fields of cell biology and toxicology.

Who can utilize Cell-Screening? What are the benefits?

The main use of Cell-Screening is preventive health care: Health Promotion and Disease Prevention. Most people are in a health state somewhere between vibrant health and sickness. They are not sick, but their body is not in optimal condition either. This 30-second test gives "healthy people" a more sensitive and accurate health analysis than any other conventional medical checkup does today. People can see an objective report about what is good and what are the weaknesses in their cell chemistry and can take action before they get sick. A repeated measurement can evaluate the effectiveness of their efforts and confirm their progress.

Cell-Screening provides opportunities for Health Coaches, naturopathic doctors, nutritionists. They can include this test in their praxis to provide more effective advisory to their Clients by purchasing a small hand-scanner and subscription to the software platform. There are more than 3000 cell-scanner units in use and more than 350000 tests were done worldwide to date (data from June 2017). It is still at an early stage with a huge potential for early adopters.

You can read more about Cell-Screening by visiting their website: www.zell-screening.com

OD-Tools and Cell-Screening

OD-Tools and Cell-Screening complement each other: one works with the mind (mindset and psychology), the other with the body. There are also common aspects of OD-Tools and Cell-Screening. Both platforms enable people to see things that are invisible without instruments. Both solutions work for a more positive, healthier workplace and people. OD-Tools just released the new Healthy Motivation MQ Report; currently is working on the "Health meets Work" organizational survey; and both solutions are part of the Health for You (Gesund für Dich) solution package and alliance, to promote health at work. You can read more about Gesund für Dich by visiting their website: www.gesundfuerdich.de