Expanding your coaching and training services


Are you a trainer or a coach looking to get more business from your current clients? You can read some real cases about trainers and coaches:

  • Turning their programs into long-term development processes, including pre-program diagnostic, after program assessments, and follow up programs;
  • Expanding the scope of their services and interventions to a wider audience at the Client organization;
  • Gaining strong influence as a trusted advisor, thanks to accurate insights;
  • Contributing to decision making with objective data beyond observations and expert view.

Real case examples

One way to achieve these objectives is by adding assessment capabilities. Here are a few examples to illustrate the possibilities:

New service: Feedback talks

Executive coaches and trainers introduce a new service to their Clients: Assessment + Individual Feedback talks with a larger employee segment. 360 assessments, Trait-Map, MQ or EQ-SWOT are the most often used tools. The coach spends 1,5 – 2 hours with each individual. The reports are great conversation starters, and a lot can be achieved in one single session. Especially employees at the lower levels of the hierarchy, who usually would not be provided with a coaching program, rate this service very highly! The coach can touch the lives of many people with their magic. Talking deeply with many people enables the coach to understand strengths/weaknesses and systemic issues in the organization much better, which in turn helps to sell and add value to further coaching and training programs.

Add an assessment to your coaching program

Executive coaches are adding new elements to their coaching process by administering 360 evaluations, Trait-Map, MQ or EQ-SWOT for their coachees (depending on the coaching topic). The coaches can ask the coachee questions about the assessment process and the report. Such talks bring in new perspectives and create ample opportunities to raise the self-awareness of coachees.

Turning a team-building into a multi-year organization development project

A management team workshop turned into an eight years development journey. The top decision-maker was open for making an organization assessment (OD-Map) before the workshop to better understand the employee's view on the organization. The results reflected the business reality, the leadership effectiveness in the various organizational units, and other issues that were not new, but have not been duly recognized previously. The direction and the way of change became much clearer. OD-Map became a regular tool for annually checking the progress and setting new goals for continuous development. Process improvements, reorganizations, coaching programs, workshops and systematic training programs on three management levels were delivered for many years, and the company created a very impressive success story, moving from third position to become the dominant market leader in their industry. Trait-Map and MQ have been implemented organization-wide.

Of course, you have to be an excellent trainer and coach to achieve such long-term cooperation. At the same time, you need to invest in training props and assessment tools, to keep your programs fresh, inspiring and impactful.

Systematic, long term development program

A management team team-building project turned into an ongoing development journey with five programs already delivered. Team-SWOT, Trait-Map, MQ, and 360 evaluations added to the depths and quality of the program. Just like in the case above, it is not easy to deliver five amazing training to the same group of people. You need a range of topics, content, and tools to create the "wow effect" each time. Having access to a range of assessment tools is a great help.

Enrich your program modules with assessment reports

Trainers created new training program modules inspired by and based on Trait-Map (team building, team leadership, conflict management, sales skills, presentation skills, negotiation skills, leadership skills programs), MQ (Motivation Skills, Self-Motivation), 360 (feedback skills, leadership, feedback culture), EQ-SWOT (emotional intelligence development).

Unique retention solutions

Trainers can add a “Motivation Tools for Managers” training module powered by MQ and OD-Tools content into their portfolio, aiding their Clients to increase employee retention.

Mass assessment feedback events

A computer manufacturer used Trait-Map for all of their staff. People got their reports and then listened to a talk about utilizing their report for self-development in batches of 200 people each time.

EQ program for non-typical target groups

EQ-SWOT coupled with an experiential program was used for improving the empathy and communication skills of warehouse supervisors.

Why OD-Tools.com?

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Written by: Gabor Nagy