OD-Tools® Aptitude Tests

OD-Tools® Aptitude tests provide a great way to make your selection process more robust. They measure what it takes to produce results in a wide range of jobs where cognitive abilities play a role.

Our product range includes the three most popular and "classic" aptitude tests (Abstract, Numerical, Verbal) and a unique Managerial Judgment Test for measuring the "practical intelligence" of managers in specific situations.

Abstract Reasoning Test

Classic test similar to Raven's Progressive Matrices. 30-minute computer-based administration in a controlled environment.

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Numerical Reasoning Test

This test consists of three sub-tests: Graphs, Tables, and Basic calculations; Proportions and Equations; Numerical Inductive Reasoning. 30 minute paper/pencil administration with computer-aided scoring and reporting.

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Verbal Reasoning Test

This test is still under development.

Managerial Judgment Test

This test is still under development.