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Welcome to OD-Tools®, the home of innovative assessment and advisory tools for professionals in the fields of OD, HR, training, psychometrics, and consulting. We believe that people and organizations have unused potential; people could become happier, healthier, and more successful; and organizations could become more engaging, more effective, more profitable. The vitality of the organizations and their workforce are closely interlinked. Increasing self-awareness is the key that unlocks the door and provides the way to development. Our tools are built with this belief: they are our contribution towards a more empowered, positive, and sustainable workplace.

Whether you work as a solo practitioner or with thousands of employees, our tools empower you to make insightful assessments and recommendations at all points of the talent and organizational life cycle.

With OD-Tools® you can:

  • Assist organizations in improving their recruitment and selection processes, and enhancing job and cultural fit organization-wide.
  • Ease employee onboarding and accelerate time to productivity.
  • Use 360 feedback to enhance individual performance and team fit, and manage the risk of promotion and leadership decisions.
  • Specify training priorities.
  • Use intelligent algorithms to create Ideal Candidate profiles and performance benchmarks for your essential teams and positions.
  • Improve employee engagement and retention through a more in-depth understanding of motivation.
  • Implement and improve integrated personnel management practices organization-wide, and measure their effectiveness.

Our technology platform makes it easy and cost-effective to deliver services to match your specific requirements.

Please visit our Online Tools section to learn of our unique tools that you can use today: OD-Map® employee survey, Trait-Map®, OD-Tools® MQ, and the "Solution Focused 360 Feedback Technology."

Below, please read about our company founders, history, and digital services.

How the OD-Tools® Platform Works

OD-Tools® is a web-based Software as a Service (SaaS) application. All you need is a web browser and internet access; you do not need to maintain servers or install software. You get all upgrades and updates automatically, at no additional cost.

Our Technical Advantages

  • Instant use: Your projects can be ready to go in one or two hours. No long learning curves – the system is intuitive and easy to learn.
  • All-in-One: The OD-Tools® platform allows you to manage all your organizational and talent management assessments in one central application. Only one system to learn and only one password to remember.
  • Deploy anywhere: Multi-language support is built in from the ground up – not just as an afterthought.
  • Mobile friendly: Most assessments and surveys can be completed on smartphones. It is not easy to balance psychometric validity with efficiency and mobile screens, and we welcome your evaluation of our achievements in this respect.

Data Management

  • Response management: We value the time of program respondents. Our “InstantSave” questionnaire technology captures and instantly preserves all response data, so no responses are lost.
  • Report generation: You can generate instant reports as soon as participants finish their tests or questionnaires. Generating reports takes just a few seconds.
  • Data safety: We follow international best practices for data protection, privacy, and confidentiality. We can satisfy the strictest requirements of EU clients as well as US clients.

Business Support

  • Custom logo support: Your logo on all user interfaces and reports – at no extra charge.
  • System roles and security: Customized set-up of data access rights to suit the needs of any size organization, number, and level of system users.
  • Control costs: Pay only for what you use. Charges are based on the number of downloaded reports. It's easy to self-manage and control. Scale up or down anytime.
  • Up-time: Guaranteed 99.9% reliability. We operate on industry-leading, global, cloud-hosting data centers, ensuring high availability and ability to scale at will. Traffic quickly re-routes in the unlikely event of network issues, so that participants and system administrators always get immediate responsiveness. Automatic daily snapshots and a proprietary backup system minimize any risk of data loss.

Our History

OD-Tools® was created by seasoned professionals, and is field-proven in a wide range of industries across four continents.

Creating world-class assessment tools requires creative breakthroughs and a long process of refinement. OD-Tools.com UG was registered in 2017, but the history of our tools goes back to 2002, when Friedemann Demmer and Gabor Nagy established their first venture, an HR consulting company. While they were providing corporate training and assessment center services, they started to create their first questionnaire in 2002. This first questionnaire grew into today’s Trait-Map®, an insightful and sensitive personality inventory to determine people-to-job fit. They started working on MQ, a tool to facilitate self-awareness and an understanding of intrinsic motivation in 2004. MQ also went through great changes over the years, and evolved into a unique Motivation Questionnaire with unparalleled business applications.

OD-Tools.com UG is headquartered in Berlin, and works with an international team of scientific advisors and contributors from the US, UK, Australia, and China, developing the most comprehensive and purpose-built assessment tool portfolio. The tools are attracting a loyal and growing userbase: professionals from boutique consulting firms, and Fortune 500 companies alike, who appreciate tools offering precision, insight, ease of use, and strong impact. OD-Tools has a global distributor/solution provider network and an enthusiastic user community.

Built on validated psychometric foundations, our tools balance scientific theory with practical application. Although simple and easy to use, our tools do not compromise on analytical nuance and depth. For all of our tools, the user experience is intuitive and even fun. Give us a try to see what sets us apart from all the rest.

The core team of OD-Tools.com

Managing Director: Gabor Nagy. Gabor has 20 years of experience in assessment, training, consulting, and OD. He holds an MSc in People Analytics, a Postgraduate Diploma in Organization and HR Management, and certifications in psychometrics from the Cambridge University Psychometrics Centre.

Co-founder and Assessment Author: Friedemann Demmer. Holding an MA in Applied Psychology, Frieder has delivered 800 high-stakes assessment center projects. He brings more than 15 years of experience in assessments and personnel development.

CTO: Peter Peto. Peter has more than 20 years of experience in developing and operating mission-critical enterprise systems.

Online tools were developed by Gabor Nagy, Friedemann Demmer, Daniel Smith, Vivian Guo (PhD), and Fang Hua (PhD) in cooperation with developers from Cambridge University Psychometrics Centre: Kaori Takenaka (PhD), Fiona Chan (PhD), and Michal Kosinski (PhD).

Personality Testing Researchers

The development of the first product, Trait-Map®, could not have been started without access to the personality testing research of Dr. Lewis R. Goldberg and Dr. John A. Johnson. Dr. Goldberg created IPIP-NEO, a sophisticated personality inventory, and Dr. Johnson created scoring algorithms and associated narrative report text. Dr. Goldberg is a senior scientist at Oregon Research Institute, Professor Emeritus at the University of Oregon, and serves on the editorial boards of the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, Personality & Individual Differences, the European Journal of Personality, and the Journal of Personality Assessment. He has more than 100 publications in the field of personality-based psychology.

Dr. John A. Johnson is a professor at Pennsylvania State University; his main research field is personality tests during personnel selection. He received an award from the University of Bielefeld, was awarded the Provost's Collaborative and Curricular Innovations Special Recognition Program Award, received the STAR Project Award and the Alumni/Student Award for Excellence in Teaching. In addition to numerous publications in journals, he also has published a book: Hogan, R., Johnson, J. A., & Briggs, S. R. (1997). Handbook of personality psychology. San Diego: Academic Press.

Company summary: OD-Tools.com Ltd
Online assessment tool vendor operating globally. Publisher of innovative online assessment tools for selection, people and organizational development.
Owner of the OD-Tools.com assessment platform, tests, questionnaires and registered trademarks (OD-Tools®, Trait-Map®, OD-Map®).
The company is seeking End Users (HR and OD departments of corporations) and Solution Providers (consulting companies in the areas of leadership development, organizational development, training workshops and executive search) for strategic cooperation.
Address: Berliner Str. 95, 13507 Berlin
Phone: +4915775094238
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