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Product Highlights

Skill-Map™ Competency Assessment

Skill-Map™ is an innovative solution to define and assess competencies.

It has a built-in Competency Library, and you can add customized competencies. Thanks to the Skill-Map™ technology, you can create assessments from your competency models with just a few mouseclicks.

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Trait-Map® Personality Assessment

Trait-Map® is an advanced personality assessment featuring a cutting-edge forced-choice questionnaire, requiring only 15 minutes to create a detailed profile. The impressive speed and accuracy have been achieved by an innovative application of combinatorial optimization.

Trait-Map® measures 25 traits in the five dimensions of the "Big Five" and also offers a comprehensive range of evaluations: development reports, training reports, group reports, job-fit analysis, interview guide, and more.

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MQ: A Unique Motivation and Retention Tool

Most organizations and managers understand the importance of motivation and retention. The challenge is implementing an effective strategy. MQ and the "Golden Key to Employee Motivation" program provide data and specific answers to managers and organizations with unparalleled levels of detail.

MQ provides accurate needs and satisfaction profiles on an individual or group level. In learning and development applications, MQ supports individuals in increasing their self-awareness and intrinsic motivation at work. MQ reports are easy to use and to understand; there is no need for any previous training. MQ builds on well-known models such as Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs, and the concepts of Extrinsic and Intrinsic Motivation. The system also provides unique functions for proactively retaining key employees.

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Emotional Intelligence Development Toolkit

Combine powerful ingredients to create learning that lasts: use the EQ-SWOT report and the EQ-Workout board game to deliver an impactful experiential learning session.

EQ is a fascinating topic, and now you can have the exciting development tools that this subject truly deserves. EQ-SWOT delivers high-level understanding and a personalized message, and EQ-Workout delivers the interactive skill building sessions.

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Standard and Customized 360 Applications

OD-Tools not only provides a wide range of standard and DIY 360 questionnaires but also offers custom development services to get your 360 precisely as you want it without compromising quality.

Do you want your line managers to understand their 360 results in five minutes? And let them know exactly what improvement actions to take? Meet the "Solution Focused 360." By combining Likert-type items with a forced-choice questionnaire approach, OD-Tools provides a truly innovative technology for the next generation of 360 questionnaires.

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