OD-Tools Verbal Reasoning Test

This test simulates the critical thinking process required by technical and managerial work. It consists of two sections. Section 1 measures ability to precisely understand words and determine logical relationship between concepts. Section 2 requires working with complex text, and determining validity of statements regarding to implicit assumptions or logical deductions based on the available information.

This test has two versions: VR and VRi. The measured abilities and the difficulty levels are the same, the only difference is in the way of administration. Both are computer based, but VR is a classic uniform test that must be administered in controled environment, while VRi takes questions from a question bank and can be administered remotely via the Internet. VR takes 40 minutes, VRi takes 20 minutes. VR is more accurate, VRi is faster and more convenient.

OD-Tools Aptitude-Tests

OD-Tools aptitude tests provide a great way to make your selection process more robust. They measure what it takes to produce results in a wide range of jobs where mental abilities play a role.

Our product range includes the three most popular and "classic" aptitudes tests (Abstract, Numerical, Verbal) and a unique Managerial Judgment Test for measuring the "practical intelligence" of managers in specific situations.

Abstract Reasoning Test

Classic test similar to Raven's Progressive Matrices. 30 minutes computer based administration in controlled environment.

Numerical Reasoning Test

This test consists three sub-tests: Graphs, tables and basic calculations; Proportions and equations; Numerical Inductive Reasoning. 30 minutes paper/pencil administration with computer aided scoring and reporting.

Verbal Reasoning Test

This test is still under development.

Managerial Judgment Test

This test is still under development.