Solution Focused 360 Assessment

This latest innovation helps 360s become more practical. The Solution Focused 360 questionnaire includes, besides traditional Likert-type rating scales, a "forced choice" section in order to clearly identify strengths and improvement areas. Once the improvement areas have been identified with high precision, the system is asking Feedback Givers for suggestions specifically targeting the improvement areas. This results in a much more streamlined, easy to understand report with laser-targeted, specific development suggestions.

This is how it works. It starts as a traditional 360:

Then it asks to select the top strengths and improvement needs from the highly and lowly rated items:

Finally the system asks for specific suggestions related to the top improvement needs:

Advantages of the "Solution Focused" technology:

  • Questionnaires can be shorter, because the "forced choice" section more efficient than the likert-type items.
  • Reports are uniquely focused, intuitive, easy to understand, thanks to the new principle in "Solution Focused" 360 technology.
  • It is easy to customize for supporting company or position specific competency models.
  • The administrator system interface is very intuitive and easy to use. Setting up 360 projects and manage them is efficient to the point it becomes fun.