Other web sites and resources

The web has treasures for knowledge seekers; one can even find knowledge that others pay substantial training fees for. I hope the following web sites will be of value!

Wikipedia: Introduction to Organization Development

This wiki is a well written article, a good overview, a great starting point to learn.

Read the article:  Wikipedia about OD

Organization Development Info Hubs

These two organizations provide comprehensive info on OD, with case studies, various publications and active mailing lists about events and learning opportunities.

Attend webinars and subscribe their mailing lists to connect to the happenings in the OD field:
OD Institute and
OD Network

Quality online courses for free

The recent development in e-learning technology and network infrastructure brought a new era when knowledge really becomes available to anyone who is willing to learn.

Listen to high quality lectures or enroll a full course on Strategy or Emotional Intelligence on these excellent web sites:
Coursera and
Floating University

The Behavior Minder

This is an innovative tool, based on a unique method to analyze the communication style and dynamics of people who often interact. The instrument compares perceptions of self and communication partner regarding to: Push and Pull Energy Balance and 8 communication behavior: Describe, Prescribe, Appreciate, Inspire, Attend, Ask, Understand, and Empathize. The brilliant unique feature of the TBM that it enables two people comparing their mutual perceptions and discuss about the gaps, thus providing deep insight into the dynamics between them.

Find more information about The Behavior Minder:  www.temenosinc.com