Motivation Questionnaire

Is motivation important for you?

The OD-Tools Motivation Questionnaire (MQ) is a unique tool designed to increase self-awareness and intrinsic motivation at work. It helps individuals clarifying their values and priorities, and it helps employers better retain and motivate their people at the same time. Based on 15 work-related needs - called motivational factors - the questionnaire outlines a comprehensive job motivation profile for each individual participant.

The questionnaire is fast and accurate. It has 34 independent scales (15 Needs and Satisfaction, and 4 special scales), yet most people complete it between 12-15 minutes.

MQ is very easy to use and understand, there is no need for any previous training. It builds on well-known models such as Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs, and the concept of Extrinsic and Intrinsic Motivation.

Reports are insightful, easy-to-understand:


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The motivation profile is a snapshot of employee Needs and Satisfaction as participants perceive them now. It is a dynamic result of comparing desires with conditions currently provided by the work environment.

The motivation profile can serve as a reference material for appraisal, feedback, coaching or employee dialog. Such two-way discussion between employees and the organization is very important to define the right objectives and opportunities for people and to maximize the mutual benefit for both parties.

MQ also helps employees to benefit from the scientific research about human motivation. Scientists like Maslow and McClelland discovered that the most successful people share some common characteristics in their motivation: these highly effective people are capable to motivate themselves. They seem to have an internal dynamo that generates energy and enthusiasm, and this motivation carries them through tough times of starting up, hardship, slow development, difficulties, setbacks, challenges, and failures. These motivational factors are called Intrinsic motivational factors, as opposed to Extrinsic motivational factors which come from the outside world. This is very well aligned with Herzberg's work on "Hygiene Factors" and "Motivators". MQ gives the key to line managers not only to understand these important concepts but more importantly to apply them in their work.

Extrinsic motivation (outside factors) loses its effect after a few months, while Intrinsic motivation (internal motivation) provides continued energy. Organisations need to pay attention to both, but Intrinsic motivation is something that is possible to "ignite" and develop, and that development brings win-win for employees and employers. The Practitioner Certification Training program will provide you with the knowledge and effective skills to be able to use this tool most effectively.

Motivating employees is supposed to be an important job for every manager. So, how much do your managers know about employee motivation? And how well do they understand the needs of their staff? Are you ready to take their motivation skills to the next level?

MQ can be used as a powerful stand-alone report or combined with the Trait-Map Personality Profile to form an even more complete, solution-driven Talent Management and Development tool.