Leadership Core Competencies 360 (LC 360)

This 360 is based on HRO’s Corporate Leadership Competency Model, which is a result of 5 years research and refining. The model captures the most essential and universal 7 leadership competency domains:

Reports are highly focused, intuitive and easy to understand:


  • The questionnaire is short, consists of 28 items only. This motivates feedback providers (raters) to accomplish it, and it helps to maintain their focus. On the level of the organization, this can save many hours of employees' time. E.g. just for a small project with 20 Feedback Recipient, the 360 gathers responses from let's say 200 people. If you save 10 minutes/person, that's 2000 minutes: 33 hours saved! And it is not only about time saving. The longer the questionnaire, the more it is likely to frustrate feedback providers, who in turn may tend to just run through the forms, providing low quality data. LC respects the time of people, and it is motivating to provide quality feedback.
  • It is easy to customize for supporting company or position specific competency models.
  • It is available with the "Solution Focused 360 Technology", providing high efficiency and crystal-clear reports.
  • The administrator system interface is very intuitive and easy to use. Setting up 360 projects and manage them is efficient to the point it becomes fun.
  • Reports are highly focused, intuitive, easy to understand.

You can download the Leadership Core Competencies 360 Feedback Brochure, or please Contact Us  for more information.