EQ-Workout, the EQ Development Board-Game

Welcome to EQ-Workout™, the No.1. Board Game for Emotional Intelligence Training! This game is developed for Facilitators, Trainers, Learning & Development Managers, considering the learning needs of adult trainees in corporate learning context.

The creator, Gabor Nagy has 15 years experience in facilitating Team Building and Leadership Development workshops. He is a proponent of experiential learning, using wide range of games and activities in his workshops. When he was designing an Emotional Intelligence Training Program in 2015, he realized that there weren't complex EI training tools available on the market. As a designer of EQ-SWOT™ Emotional Intelligence Questionnaire and a range of other tools, he was intrigued by this challenge and opportunity, and started working on an innovative game concept.

EQ-Workout™ is a fast moving, engaging game that improves the ability to understand emotions, the ability to listen to others and empathize with them, and the ability to express emotions productively.

EQ-Workout directly and effectively develops the fundamental building blocks of Emotional Intelligence: Self-Awareness and Social Awareness by enhancing Emotional Literacy, which includes higher awareness and enhanced sensitivity to distinguish between various states, and a rich emotional vocabulary to accurately label emotions. It helps in enhancing participants influencing skills, and improving the quality of their relationships and co-operation with others. About the game:

  • 3-6 people can play with one set;
  • One facilitator can manage multiple playing groups in the same time;
  • Playing time is flexible, typically 40-60 minutes, and allocate about an extra 15 minutes for debriefing;
  • Game sessions can be repeated without getting bored;
  • A Facilitator Guide helps you in facilitating the game smoothly and delivering valuable learning experience.