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Lean Culture
With the days of China being a low-cost country long over, its manufacturing is at risk of being squeezed between innovation leaders on the one side and low-cost competitors on the other. There is much discussion about automation and digitalisation of production but this requires a foundation in terms of operational excellence, which in most industries is simply not there yet. This article introduces a back-to-basics approach and the lean enterprise as a solution, because a vast potential is still untapped by many manufacturing companies.
Corporate Entrepreneurship in China
During the past ten years the Chinese business landscape has changed profoundly. Chances are high that in the coming ten years speed of change will increase even further with game-changing transformations being around the corner. What will this mean for European companies with subsidiaries in China?
Applying Kotter's 8 Steps - Case Study
This case study looks into a real company situation where change is needed: a manufacturing organization that has to “lose weight” and become agile in order to regain profitability. The analysis focuses on the human aspects and HRM considerations of the change, including suggestions to help the successful transition. The key message is reminding managers to address the human needs of employees by developing a comprehensive change management and communication plan...
Building Management Teams in China
Some challenges are common in most part of the world: increasing competition; customers that want products faster, with better customization and quality and so on. These challenges are intensified by challenges with local flavors: quickly upcoming domestic competitors, “copycat products”, administrative hurdles. From the OB perspective, compared to large MNCs, SMEs additional challenge is how to create an effective company culture in China...
Change Management supported by Network Analysis (Case Study)
In an organization with more than 3500 employees, the management badly felt the need for a new organizational structure to enable more effective and more flexible operations. This was not the first time the organization tried reorganizations. In the previous years there were several attempts, but the results were not satisfactory...

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Best-Selling Tools

Trait-Map® Personality Assessment

The latest version of our classic personality assessment features a cutting edge forced-choice questionnaire, requiring only 15 minutes to create a detailed profile, slashing assessment times in half. The impressive speed and accuracy has been achieved by an innovative application of combinatorial optimization.

Trait-Map® measures 25 traits in the five dimensions of the "Big Five", and it offers all the reports and functions that you can expect from a best-in-class personality questionnaire: job-fit analysis, interview guide, development report, training reports, group reports and more.

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MQ Motivation Questionnaire

The unique OD-Tools Motivation Questionnaire excels in both selection and development settings, thanks to the optional MQR version tweaked towards recruitment applications. The questionnaire is fast and accurate. It has 33 independent scales (15 Needs scales, 15 Satisfaction scales, and 3 special scales), yet most people complete it between 12 -15 minutes. The stellar efficiency and accuracy has been achieved by 10 years of continuous improvement.

In development applications, (MQ) effectively supports people in increasing their self-awareness and intrinsic motivation at work. MQ reports are easy to use and understand, there is no need for any previous training. It builds on well-known models such as Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs, and the concept of Extrinsic and Intrinsic Motivation. The system provides unique functions to proactively retain key employees.

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Standard and Customized 360 Applications

OD-Tools not only provides a wide range of standard and DIY 360 questionnaires, but also offers custom development service to get your 360 exactly as you want it without compromise.

How can the 360 report let managers understand their results in 5 minutes? And let them know exactly what improvement actions to take? Meet the "Solution Focused 360". Combining Likert-type items with forced-choice questionnaire approaches, OD-Tools provides a truly innovative technology for the next generation of 360 questionnaires.

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