Innovative 360 Assessments

This page is an overview of our innovative 360 products. Some of them have truly remarkable, cutting-edge features! Please read about the available solutions, or Contact Us  to see how we can support your objectives and your competency models in your company.

OD-Tools founders bring decades of experience in organization and leadership development to our 360 design, with the purpose of creating simple, employee-friendly, and efficient 360 feedback tools.

The 360 engine was designed with consultants, coaches, and HR professionals in mind who want to create and manage their own 360 assessments. The system enables them to fully customize competencies and questionnaires, giving them the power to tailor 360s to suit their unique requirements. Creating a customized survey only takes a few clicks and uploading a customized content xls file. Participant list import, progress tracking, group report in xls format functions among others make the 360 administration process as efficient as possible.

OD-Tools also offers off-the-shelf 360 questionnaires: LC (Leadership Core Competencies 360), a highly effective leadership assessment, and the “Five Minutes Feedback”, which is probably the most broadly deployable and scalable 360-degree feedback solution.

OD-Tools is also the home of the "Solution Focused 360 Feedback Technology", an improved and more accurate approach to identify key strengths and improvement opportunities, while facilitating targeted qualitative feedback at the same time.

Solution Focused 360 Feedback Technology

This latest innovation helps 360s become much more practical. The Solution Focused 360 questionnaire includes, besides traditional likert-type rating scales, a "forced choice" section in order to clearly identify strengths and improvement areas. Once the improvement areas have been identified with high precision, the system is asking Feedback Givers for suggestions specifically targeting the improvement areas. This results in a much more streamlined, easy to understand report with laser-targeted, specific development suggestions.
Please visit the page Solution Focused 360 Feedback Technology  for more information.

Leadership Core Competencies 360 Feedback

This 360 model captures the most essential and universal leadership competency domains, while it is stunningly concise, consisting of 28 items only. Fast and powerful - it saves the time of your people while providing all benefits of 360 assessments.
Please visit the page Leadership Core Competencies 360  for more information.

Professional Competencies 360 Feedback

This 360 is for individual contributors or for projects where hierarchies are not emphasized. The model captures the most essential and universal professional competencies, while it stays concise and efficient. Fast and powerful - it saves the time of your people while providing the benefits of 360 assessments.
Please visit the page Professional Competencies 360 Feedback  for more information.

360 Vario™

Do you need different 360 questionnaires for various target groups or projects? Here is the fully customizable DIY 360 solution - you can define all questions in multiple language versions. It supports ALL typical 360 functions: rater groups, self-rating, highest rated behaviors, lowest rated behaviors, etc, while creating your very own 360 is as simple as importing an excel sheet.
Please visit the page 360 Vario™  for more information.


Do you need the easiest, most efficient and economic way to assess behavior and competencies? Take a look at Behavioroscope™ which is designed for this purpose, building on the robust OD-Tools 360 platform but removing all "bells and whistles", keeping just the most essential functions, to make it as economic and easy to use as possible. It is a fully customizable DIY 360 solution - you can define all questions in multiple language versions. Training needs assessments? "Before" and "After" assessments to see development? All this became feasible now.
Please visit the page Behavioroscope™  for more information.

Five Minute Feedback™

This is probably the shortest 360 feedback instrument of the world. It has two questions only, one is asking for positive feedback, and one is for constructive criticism and suggestions. The two questions gather the most important feedback from colleagues or cooperation partners. It can be used for any level of employees, e.g. for individual contributors as well.
Please visit the page Five Minute Feedback™  for more information.